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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Owner: Huyh Burns - Washington
Our new business is working out great. Thank you so much for the free directions and advice on this great Bubble Tea market. Our first big order was also punctual and the delivery time was reasonable. I will definitely shop here again.

Owner: Jason Anderson - California
Your wholesale prices is the most competitive across the U.S. Your premium 2.2 kg cream flavored powder bag is better than the 1 lb bag we were using before. The Flavored powder is "Pure and tasty" as one loyal customer puts it. Thank you so much for all the free consultations and gifts.

Owner: Lang Huynh - Arizona
We recently added your product to our existing menu. Our monthly sales have increased by 38%. It is amazing how some customer say our Bubble Tea tastes better than others around the blocks. With sales this great, we will be expanding our business this summer.

Owner: Adonis Chu - Colorado
We found that most of your competitor uses too much cream and sugar on the smaller flavored portion bags. Not only your Premium 2.2 kg bag more convenient but also the fruit powder is very pure on tastes. It makes a big difference on the quality of a bubble tea drink. We will definitely buy from your company again.

Owner: James Park - New York
Thanks for the extra packaging job for our orders. We have not received any damaged goods yet. Forward the "Great Job" to your shipping dept.

Owner: Wendy Yan - Florida
Your network in Japan has referred you to us. We were impressed with the competitive prices and the service so far is exceptional. Keep up the great work.

Owner: Du Nguyen - Texas
We saw your advertisement on T.V. and immediately added your product to our desert parlor. It was a smashing hit big hit for the past three months. Your creamy flavored Taro, Mango and Strawberry are very popular to our consuming students.

Owner: Yachan Shimizu - Ohio
We heard your radio commercial while traveling in Japan. Your distributor gave us your corporate site and has recently started adding bubble tea to our restaurant. You have a great tasting product. Looking forward in doing more business with your company in the future.

Owner: Ryo Naito - Idaho
Ordering all our bubble tea supplies is quick and convenient. The service has always been great and delivery time was reasonable.